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GDA Ventures Announces First Client, MobileGo (MGO)

GDA Ventures are pleased to announce the first client that will be joining this incubator: MobileGo (MGO)!…

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MobileGO 2017 – 2020 Achieved Results

MobileGO project has been launched almost four years ago. We have entered this New Year with all our promises fulfilled and even more, so we came up with a summary of what has been achieved by MGO team by year 2020.…

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FIFA 20 in MGO Store!

Wonderful news!

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2020 is cooming soon, and this means that FIFA 20 is already here! Available to purchase
at MobileGo store starting now! Ready to score?

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What is MGO


The token functions using one of the most respected and reliable blockchain networks on the market: Ethereum.


A unique payment instrument, can be purchased on top ryptocurrency exchanges and is compatible with well-known crypto wallets.


A rapid commission-free royalty withdrawal method which helps developers stay on top of their game.

For developers

You can adopt our token as a payment method, introduce a tournament system to your games and get quick payouts in MGO.

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For gamers

You can easily buy the MGO token, spend it across various games and even win it in esports tournaments.

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September 2019

Payment Service

MGO launched its own payment system, which allows users to make payments in MGO tokens without any GAS fee. MobileGo is the first token to do translate this idea to reality. Moreover, transaction made with MobileGo payment system take less than 1 minute. This unique technology provides users with huge economy and simplicity of token usage they have never experienced before.

September 2019

MobileGO Store

This summer we have launched the MGO store which provides users with an unique opportunity to purchase games directly with MGO. It’s the fastest, anonymous and a transparent way to convert your MGO into real games for the top platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One). You can find more than 17000 games in the store, and the new ones are being added on a daily basis

October 2019

One-click MGO Purchase

MGO will get integrated in the service that allows you to purchase tokens with just a credit card. This is going to be the simpliest way to purchase MGO, and the service will provide a 100% safety of purchases and your personal data.

October 2019

MobileGo Store Updates

The store has been launched, but it’s only the beginning. In the nearest future you will see plenty of the updates that MGO team is about to bring to the store. All the necessary features which will help people to shop easier are being added in the beginning of this fall.

November 2019


This fall MGO team will present their own crowdfunding platform based on MGO token. As a developer you can promote your products, gathering the attention and MGO tokens. As a user you can support your favorite projects with MGO, doing it swiftly and with no fees.

MGO Products

Join our Ecosystem

Open source


Allows developers to get direct payments in MGO

Open source

MobileGo-MetaMask Gateway

Tournament System

Based on smart contract and easily compatible with your game

MGO Esports Platform

Decentralized tournaments with awards in MGO for best players

MGO Store

A wide range of goods from games to esports merch available for MGO


MGO unlocks access to 500+ games

Play and pay in MGO