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MobileGO 2017 — 2020 Achieved Results

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MobileGO project has been launched almost four years ago. We have entered this New Year with all our promises fulfilled and even more, so we came up with a summary of what has been achieved by MGO team by year 2020.…

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Токен функционирует с использованием одной из самых уважаемых и надежных сетей блокчейна на рынке: Ethereum.


Уникальный платежный инструмент, который можно приобрести на самых популярных криптовалютных биржах и совместим с известными криптовалютами.


Быстрый, без комиссии, метод снятия роялти, который помогает разработчикам оставаться на вершине своей игры.

Для разработчиков

Вы можете использовать токен в качестве способа оплаты, ввести турнирную систему в свои игры и быстро получать выплаты в MGO.

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Для игроков

Вы можете легко купить токен MGO, потратить его на различные игры и даже выиграть его в киберспортивных турнирах.

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MobileGo is an open source blockchain protocol built to support gamers, gaming studios, and any other stakeholders involved in the esports and gaming industry. As games become increasingly realistic, there are new forms of in-game monetization that we have never been seen before. As the gaming ecosystem continues to offer more ‘pay-to-play’ functionality, having to give your credit card information, load funds onto a account, and manage the inflows and outflows of user funds from a bank account to a gaming account is incredibly tedious. By acting as a one-stop-solution for all in-game payment and utility needs, MGO is redefining how people buy, share, and exchange value when playing their favorite video games.

As one of the strongest ICO’s to come from 2017, MobileGo has a rich history. Due to crypto winter and a lack of open sourced development across the gaming sector, the project was quietly building their own blockchain infrastructure. Now, with VR, and new gaming consoles sparking more consumer interest in the gaming sector then ever, MGO is a driving force in their new era, creating a bridge between gaming and blockchain mobile payments.

  • Q1 — 2021: MGO mainnet undergoes protocol updates
  • Q1 — 2021: Selected third-party technical expert performs protocol audit to ensure there are no vulnerabilities or exploitations

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Community (stage 2) is the culmination of our hard work in stage 1 (technology). As a peer-to-peer technology MGO is a product made for YOU. After stage 1 is complete, and the technical underpinnings of the project are sound, we will be rebuilding MGO’s enterprise partnership network, so users are a part of a ecosystem that includes education & awareness, games & game studio partnerships, crypto wallets,  and other implementation partners to create as complete of a user experience as possible.

Global Community Development

  • Developer Grant Program: The developer grant program will incentivize new developers to join the MGO ecosystem. By offering MGO grants, the MGO team will drive meaningful network advancement by encouraging developers to build their decentralized gaming products using MGO.
  • Stakeholder Membership Program Kickoff: The stakeholder membership program is the official kickoff of MGO reengaging with relevant blockchain, gaming, and media stakeholders. Now that the project has a new roadmap and organizational objectives we will build on this momentum and invite new enterprise and corporate stakeholders to bolster the MGO ecosystem.
  • Partnership Milestone 1: Integration into wallet #1
  • Partnership Milestone 2: Integration into wallet #2
  • Partnership Milestone 3: Integration into wallet #3 
  • Partnership Milestone 4: Partnership with relevant blockchain/gaming/media stakeholders 
  • Partnership Milestone 5: Partnership with relevant blockchain/gaming/media stakeholders
  • Liquidity Event (CEX or DEX Listing)

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Stage 3 (Growth & Commercial Adoption) represents the evolution of MobileGo, from humble beginnings as a paper-to-peer project, to a strong decentralized community filled with gamers, developers, and gaming studios. Stage three will usher in a new era of utility for MGO users, where users can make in-game purchases with MGO, buy games from the MGO marketplace, as well as other third party vendors.

Game Integration

Games and game related services from the stakeholder membership program will add MGO to their existing service infrastructure, creating more onramps and use cases for the MGO Token.


Присоединяйтесь к нашей Экосистеме

Open source


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Allows developers to get direct payments in MGO

Open source

MobileGo-MetaMask Gateway

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Facilitates payment for gamers

Tournament System

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Based on smart contract and easily compatible with your game

MGO Esports Platform

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Decentralized tournaments with awards in MGO for best players

MGO Store

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A wide range of goods from games to esports merch available for MGO


MGO разблокирует доступ к 500+ играм

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