Tell me about the company

MobileGo company is on the market since 2017. Now we are mainly working on the token for game industry – MGO token.

EULA and privacy policy

Currently, we are working with Xsolla system. You can find all the documentation on their official website.
Privacy Policy

Do you know a lot about crypto and gaming?

People working in MobileGo have a wealth of knowledge about the gaming industry and entertainment systems. We are avid gamers, and among us, there are many game developers, who use all their experience to create a product that will meet the needs and expectations of every customer.

What is MGO STORE?

Its our own store, where you can buy games, esports merch and a lot of other products.

How can i use MGO in Xsolla?

You can buy games and in-game good using our token. It absolutely commision free.

How can i use MGO?

You can hold it until the price will be attractive for you, sell it on any exchange or transfer it to any other currency.
What’s more you can buy games or esports merch in our store.

How can i get MGO?

You can win it on our esports platform, buy on an exchange or or you can get it during one of your airdrops. To keep up to date with our airdrops and other activities follow us on social media.

When can i join the tournament?

Tournaments are always online, so you can join any tournament in the game you like.

How to start using platform

Just enter our website (, create an account and you’re ready!

Why do i need it?

This is an easy and free way to earn real money. All the token earned on the platform can be exchanged to any currency you want.

Esports platform: What is it?

This is a platform, where you can play different casual browser games and earn MGO token for the best result.

Where can I find more information on MetaMask?

Just use Metamask FAQ site (

What’s the difference between the purchase via MetaMask and via the exchange?

In fact there is no differences in a result, but buying via Metamask is much more convenient and easy.

Why do I need MetaMask?

It’s an easy way to buy, sell or exchange your MGO and any other Ethereum based currencies.

How do I use MetaMask?

All you need is to install it from the Metamask web-site ( and connect with your Ethereum wallet.

What is MGO – MetaMask Gateway?

MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.
MetaMask includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions.
You can install the MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

How i can list my game on the platform?

First step is to contact us on [email protected] so we can discuss the terms of the listing. Once we approve of your game, you will be given an SDK that will help you get listed on the Platform and players will be able to use MGO to participate in tournaments and potentially win MGO as a result.

Why should i use them?

The game developers do not need to develop their own tournament mechanism but use our open-sourced feature which is completely transparent

What is decentralized tournament?

Such type of a tournament which uses the ETH smart-contracts blockchain technology to organize the total mechanics transparency

How can i integrate API?

To integrate MGO API, follow the steps provided on “github link” + and contact us if you encounter any issues on [email protected].

What if i want a custom API?

Contact us on [email protected] with details regarding your company and one of our team members will be more than happy to help you out.

Which type of APIs do you have?

We have 3 types of API:
— Standard API, using ETH fee in GAS
— Privileged API, With ETH fee (GAS) changed into MGO fee that can be paid by developers;
— Service API, With ETH fee (GAS) changed into MGO fee that can be paid by users.

How can i receive the MGO using API?

You can use any Ethereum wallet you like or you can receive MGO on your exchange account.

Why should i use API?

Our API helps your business by enabling MGO payments in your game, allowing users to directly pay for purchases and receive these tokens without any fee.

Can I lose money during the process?

No, everything is being processed automatically and you can be sure, that money will be on your wallet on the date of withdrawal without any problem. If you want to reliably sell your MGOs, you could sell them to our partners quickly.

What should I do if I want to change the wallet address?

Please contact your account manager at Xsolla.

Can I hold MGO?

Of course, it’s up to you to decide. You can hold your tokens until the price for them will be profitable for you.

What is USDT? What can I do with it?

USDT is the most stable token which can be easily changed into US dollars or any other fiat currency (euro, rubbles, dollars etc.)

What are the rules of selling MGO to MobileGo partners?

Our partners are ready to buy your MGO and help you receive your money faster. They have some simple rules:
— A developer can sell MGO to a partner of MobileGo no later than the date of next MGO payout in Xsolla (Monday, Wednesday and Friday weekly). Please notice, that you need to make a request for a sale no later than the date before the next withdrawal by contacting our partners.
— The amount of money for selling to the MobileGo partner cannot exceed the latest payout amount.
— Sale of MGO is possible only in a pair of MGO/USDT because it is a stable coin and it decreases all risks of volatility for all parties.
— Selling is performed with no commission for the first time, then partners take a fee of 3%.

What is CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap (CMC) is a web resource where you can find the current average token price for all of the exchanges, where MGO is listed.

How do you calculate an exchange rate?

We calculate it on the date of withdrawal at 13.00 (UTC + 3) according to the CoinMarketCap. After the price is fixed, Xsolla delivers all the MGOs to your wallet. The resulting amount of MGO you will be getting is calculated at the fixed rate described above and as a percentage of your balance specified in your request as of 23:59 (UTC+3) on the date before the withdrawal.

Then, if you want to sell MGO to our partners, they will fix the rate at the time, you contact them, so, these two rates can be different.

When does Xsolla fix the amount of money I want to receive in MGO?

Xsolla will fix the amount of money you want to receive in MGO as a percentage of your total balance as of 23:59 (UTC +3) on the date before the actual withdrawal, calculate its cost in the MGO according to the exchange rate and send it to your wallet.

What is the frequency of payouts?

You can leave us a request for withdrawal at any time you like, just by clicking the button in your publisher account. On the nearest withdrawal day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday) you will receive MGO on your wallet. Please notice that you need to make a withdrawal request no later than 23:59 (UTC+3) on the date before a desirable date of withdrawal.

The second option is to sign an agreement and we’ll be sending your our token three times a week with no additional reminders from your side. The only thing you need is to set a percentage of your balance that you’d like to receive in MGO.

Is it secure to use MGO?

MGO token is based on Ethereum technology which is one of the best blockchain platforms in the world. If you use only proven wallets and exchanges, you can be sure, that you are totally safe holding our tokens.
And in order to be absolutely confident in the security of your payments, we recommend you to contact our partners and sell MGO quickly.

Who are the strategic partners of MGO?

Our main partner is Xsolla Inc. This is a big ecosystem for gamers and developers from all over the world, which was founded in 2006. Now Xsolla platform connects hundreds of developers and millions of gamers with the help of their services.

Is MGO a well-known currency?

MGO is on the market since 2017 and it is the first token that is designed to make a revolution in the game industry. We are looking forward to helping gamers and developers experience positive emotions with the games they really love. Moreover, our objective is wide adoption of the token. A first great step is a partnership with Xsolla company and an opportunity for more than 500.000.000 gamers worldwide to pay with MGO.

I don’t know a lot about crypto? Why should I use crypto in 2019?

If you don’t want to dive deep into cryptosystems, you can use our product just as a simple business tool, that allows you to receive your money fast and without any commissions. What’s more, we can assure you that our partners are doing their best to make the whole process smooth and effective for the developers.

Is it legal to use MGO?

MobileGo is an officially registered Singapore company, creating IT products and MGO token is one of our major brands. We partner with lots of exchanges, payment systems, and wallets and as far as we know, crypto is legal in most countries all over the world. In any case, we advise you to consult the cryptocurrency regulations in your region to avoid any legal problems.

What’s the value of selling MGO to MobileGo partners?

When you receive your MGO, it’s up to you to decide what to do next. You can hold your tokens, sell them or even pass to someone else. But, if you want to avoid any risks (unfair traders or low value of the token i.e.) and save your time, you can sell your MGO to MobileGo partners. They will proceed the transaction on the date of your request and you can be 100% sure in receiving your money with no trouble.

What can I do with MGO after receiving it?

Now that MGO is on your Ethereum wallet and you have 3 options:
– Hold MGO and wait until the price increases to sell it with more profit.
– Sell MGO at any exchange and receive any other currency you like.
– Sell MGO to a MobileGo partner. Such a partner will help you to get your money in USDT as fast as possible. The first time you use our partners’ service its free, for all the future transaction they will charge a fee.

How can I request MGO withdrawal?

After all the preliminary steps described above are completed, you can request your first withdrawal in MGO. To do this, in your publisher account you need to find the MGO window, specify the percentage of the funds you want to withdraw, and click the “Get MGO” button.

The resulting amount of MGO you would be getting depends on 3 variables: the percentage you have set, the amount of your balance to which this percentage is applied and the exchange rate.
Your balance will be fixed as of 23:59 (UTC+3) on the date before the withdrawal.
The exchange rate will be fixed as of 13.00 (UTC+3) on the date of withdrawal according to CoinMarketCap.

You will receive you MGOs on your Ethereum wallet on the nearest withdrawal day — Monday, Wednesday or Friday after 13.00 (UTC + 3).

What about an agreement? Why do I need to sign it?

In order to start enjoying all the benefits of the MGO, you need to sign an agreement with Xsolla. In this agreement, you need to specify the address of your Ethereum wallet, so that the MGO will be unmistakably sent to you. If at any time later you would like to change the wallet address a new agreement should be signed.

What about an exchange? Which one should I choose?

An exchange is like a marketplace for all the tokens. MGO could be found on the most popular of them. We recommend using these exchanges:

What is Ethereum wallet? Where can I get it?

Our token is based on Ethereum technology, so, to keep it, you need to create a special wallet which will be a safe place for your MGOs. We recommend using these wallets:
Atomic Wallet
MobileGo-Metamask Gateway (requires Metamask or MEW to be had)
Another way is to create an MGO wallet on one of the exchanges, where MGO is trading.

How can I start using MGO?

To start using MGO and request the first withdrawal, you need to do 3 things:
– Create an Ethereum wallet
– Register on the exchange to sell or buy MGO
– Sign an agreement with Xsolla

What is MGO? Why is it profitable to use it?

MGO is a token, which is based on Ethereum technology, that allows developers to receive money that they earn inside the Xsolla platform with absolutely no commissions, exchange them for any other currencies, and do it in just 2 days.

You no longer have to wait for a few weeks and pay commissions, with the help of the MGO, in 2 days, you will have money on your hands in any currency and you will not pay any fees for withdrawal.