MGO Tech Supply

Monetize and scale up your business with MGO


Short-Term Profit

With the help of MGO you can always keep your finger on the pulse of your cashflow


Simple and quick cash out procedure: receive your money in 2 days at most with no additional fees.

Long-Term Profit

As the MGO ecosystem grows, so does the value of the token. Opt for MGO now and witness your holdings value skyrocket.


You can hold MGO, trade it by yourself or easily convert it via MobileGo partners.

People say

We find it really exciting that with the help of MGO we can generate revenue much quicker. Once a week we are guaranteed to get a certain dollar equivalent in MGO and can immediately channel it to our needs. That’s a real deal.

Igor Averin, Business development at mid-size gaming studio, Russia

As a small indie studio, we are stoked to discover MGO payouts. If you know all too well this feeling of your money being trapped for weeks, then you can imagine the relief we experienced upon switching to MGO model. Any sum starting from as little as $100 can be withdrawn in a matter of just 2 days. The support team is friendly and helpful. We love it!

Ricardo Morales, Owner of the indie studio, Argentina

I’m working on my own and my priority is a quick funds turnover. So at first I was concerned with the liquidity issue. It turned out it’s not a problem, I exchange MGO for USDT with MobileGo Partners the same day I get it. It’s super convenient. Not to mention that the whole payout procedure is swift and transparent.

Anton Kholin, Individual developer, Ukraine

MGO Tech Supply

MGO Payment API

You promote crypto to your users and get MGO directly to your wallet

You know your gamers and decide which option suits you best

You set the prices in your preferred currency. The exchange rate is calculated according to at the time of the transaction.

Four APIs to choose from

Standard API with Ethereum fee paid by users

Service fee charged in MGO and paid by user

Service fee charged in MGO and paid by developer

Custom Payment API (non open-source)

MobileGo-Metamask Gateway


Users visit and pay just in 2 clicks

The solution relieves them of spending gas


Currently used to facilitate MGO Store and FundMe user payment flow

Want to implement the solution to your ecosystem?

View code and contact us for more detail

Esports smart contract

Want to add a tournament feature to your game? We are happy to provide you with smart contract

No need to develop from scratch

Foster competitive spirit and attract new gamers

Customize the revenue model and make more profit

Your gamers make and accept bets in MGO

Winners are determined according to the rules of smart contract

Loose bet/fee


Get full refund in case of a draw

MGO Esports platform

Want to have your game featured on MGO esports platform?

Hard-core Title

Your game

HTML5 Title

Two types of tournaments: leaderboard mode and challenge mode (one vs one)

With or without smart contract

Negotiable terms of listing

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Get quick and qualified support

Contribute to our projects and get rewards

Enter our ecosystem

Integrate MGO as a payment method

Facilitate user adoption


Ease of use

Smart contract


MGO FundMe
(coming soon)

Your Project

Direct game integration

Withdraw funds


4 Wallets



15 Exchanges


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