Big Interview

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ARCHIE: Hello, everyone! My name is Archie J and I’m a community manager of MGO. It’s 16th of June 2019 and right here right now I’ll host an interview with Filip Dimitrijevic. Hi, Filip! How are you today?

FILIP: Hi, Archie, very well thank you. I hope you are fine as well.

ARCHIE: yeah, I’m good, thanks. We’ll be hosting the interview via Skype. So I’ll be talking to Filip from another country. Filip right now is in Belgrade, Serbia and I’m in Moscow, Russia. So our community has been asking us to run AMA or an interview lately, so we thought: why not? And here we are! So as you guys all know we’ve made a form, where everyone could write their questions about MGO and today I’m going to read them all. Like literally: from the first to the last. And I’ve received plenty of them, so I have no idea how it will work out, but let us try. So before we start, Filip, could you tell in two words, what do you do for MobileGo? And what is basically your job?

FILIP: Sure thing, Archie. I’ve joined let’s say MobileGo Project almost a year ago. My main responsibility is taking care and leading the development efforts of products and the utility that will be provided by MGO team. So I’ll try to keep my answers as simple as possible without introducing to my technical terms.

ARCHIE: Ok. So making it easy for everyone.

FILIP: Yeah.

ARCHIE: Ok, I see! Let’s go to the first question from the form and it’s an angry one. Why don’t you have any deadlines?

FILIP: I hope not all of the questions will be angry ones, but I will try to answer as positively as possible. Yeah, so we’ve had a deadline in the past and they are always set in the roadmap. Of course, sometimes in the prod development process there are some things, some,  let’s say, obstacles, that we need to bypass, so delays do happen. But I can assure you that we are working on things and we will definitely deploy something in the nearest future and keep in mind that approximate release time is always shared with the public, on our social channels, on our community channels and so on and so on.

ARCHIE: So everyone can see anytime? It’s not a secret?

FILIP: Yeah, exactly. And you can always feel free to contact our community managers and they will talk to me or someone in the team to get any updates or news. Well, try to be more transparent in the future with some regular updates on how development is proceeding.

ARCHIE: Ok, the next question is less angry. Someone asked whether it would be possible to buy real games with GN. I think it means GN Gold, something like that.

FILIP: GNation and MobileGo, well, you know, we’ve been let’s say together in the past, right now we are trying to create different ecosystems. So to be quite honest I’m not very well qualified to answer questions about GNation, but I know there is a plan, I know as much as you guys, that there will be an ability to buy real games with GN Gold. But for that maybe you should take a look at their website and write an email to their support team.

ARCHIE: Ok, the next question is: when is the coin burn going to start?

FILIP: Of course. Some of these questions are going to be let’s say more towards when ICO happened. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there during the ICO, but I have had a discussion with a team internally. Based on our SharePoint we have come to some consensus regarding the questions like these. So according to our previous statements coin burn will start only after we will deploy products that bring profit for the MobileGo company. Until that, unfortunately, there will be no coin burn. So do not worry, coin burn will happen, but not until we start making profits with the product that we develop.

ARCHIE: Ok. No profit no coin burn.

FILIP: Exactly, yes.

ARCHIE: We move to the next one. Is there going to be a large advertising campaign to push the esports platform to non-crypto users?

FILIP: Well, define ‘large’, first of all. You know large can mean involving hundreds of thousands of users, it can be millions of users. But you know, just to keep the jokes apart: there will be a campaign definitely to push this platform and gain some, well, not some, a lot of organic users. Of course, nobody can actually say with certainty how many users will join us, but there will definitely be an advertising campaign after the platform is fully developed, the final version released and it is completely stable.

ARCHIE: Ok, I see. So the answer is ‘yes’. This question gonna take a while, it is a big one. What are your plans now?

FILIP: Ok, so a couple of months ago there was the same question regarding the roadmap so I have answered it the similar way. We are now working on establishing the basis of MGO ecosystem. Our next step in this direction is definitely releasing the store. There have been some delays. We have had some changes in the scope and in the team, but that’s nothing short of what its usual for development, you know, but at some point in June I believe we will release the MGO store, where you will be able to purchase games and serial keys and many other products for the actual MGO tokens. And of course, we want to keep it as decentralized as possible. So there is no need for us to collect your data, the only thing that we need is to collect your email. So that we just know where do we send the product key. Besides that, we are working on several other products. One being crowdfunding platform, but not for MGO token but for game developers. So we want to make a decentralized platform, that we will definitely work as something like a Kickstarter or a similar thing for game developers. So basically game developers around the world will be able to create their accounts, post their projects onto our platform and more precisely utilize its features to collect funds. MGO tokens only, not fiat, not any other token, just MGO for their projects. So with this, we would like to encourage more game developers not only gamers to actually utilize MGO token. We already have several companies in mind that are going to use this crowdfunding platform which will be more than excited to actually post their projects in their upcoming games and projects to our funding platform. Besides that, we also develop an esports platform which was promised in the white papers as well. To be honest it might take awhile before we actually release it because lots of things are involved. There used to be MGO involved within GNation’s esports platform, but we decided to split that into two parts. So MGO will have its own esports platform, which is only for MGO. There will be definitely some HTML games and big titles involved. I cannot say for sure which titles are going to be involved but I think there will be some of the most popular in the world right now. So that is regarding the development.  Regarding marketing, we are always looking for more partners we are negotiating, which conferences to go to. We are trying to find people, who are going to implement the open-source project that we develop. More precisely MGO API and the smart contract. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find those people, because most game developers are looking for standardized ways to earn their funds. Well, crypto is unfortunately still some kind of a taboo-word right now. So we are having sleepless nights, lots of effort are put into making deals with this kind of companies. As long as we have a success story we will share it with you guys in the community as well. So that’s the minority of it. We will release a definite report, a quarter report about our efforts this year. Actually for both the first quarter and the second quarter. It’s on the way, do not worry we will have it as soon as possible. You will be able to see it all on paper.

ARCHIE: Cool. So to make a long story short, as I understood you guys will have MGO store to purchase games for MGO. You will have crowdfunding platform to collect funds in MGO for the game devs to start their projects and as well you will get the MGO esports platform. A brand new one.

FILIP: Exactly. That is what I can share right now. But in fact you know there is a lot of things happening, there are many other projects happening. Some MGO backed games, so just to give you some teaser. But you will hear more about that in the next interviews.

ARCHIE: Ok. We respect NDA. The next question is: will the team produce an audit that we can see where our investment went and how much is left?

FILIP: Oh, that is a financial question, but I will try to answer it according to our consensus, according to the past experience that MGO had. There is no intention to reveal internal company information just yet since it can compromise the activity of the company and cause losses for both the company and the token holders. Of course, that is not something we would wish to happen. To be honest, right now there is no plan for such an audit. But in the future — who knows? Let us see. When we were the crypto and our looking has become more stable.

ARCHIE:  Yes, privacy first.

FILIP: Exactly.

ARCHIE: Will the management produce a new roadmap and stick to it?

FILIP: Yes, definitely. There will be a new road map. Unfortunately, the last one has failed I am not afraid to say because these things happen, projects get pulled and pushed all the time so this is a standard procedure. Anyone who says otherwise has not just been in IT for so long. I am not trying to judge anybody here just trying to make everybody understand that we have had some internal discussions and we will definitely produce a new roadmap that will basically show us as being the pioneers of the industry, but yes delays happen. So we will get back to you as soon as possible.

ARCHIE: Ok. The next question is — as far as I know, we will deploy the roadmap next week. I mean there is an interview that goes live on Monday, but this week.

FILIP: Of course there will be something deployed but bear in mind we will stick to it as much as possible. But, yes, something will be deployed next week.

ARCHIE: Ok. Right. We are just finishing the first page and we have three more.

FILIP: I guess, it’s ok.

ARCHIE: I hope everybody got this patience and curiosity for the project as well. So any future chance to add MGO to Binance or Bittrex?

FILIP: Well, if we are talking about chance, of course. There is evidence that exchanges are willing to work with products with a solid background and future perspective. So we think that MGO fits this description because we have deployed multiple products already. We have big plans for the future as well. So who knows? Not immediately. You cannot expect listing on Binance or Bittrex tomorrow but you know definitely we want to increase its value. We have an internal discussion on listing on several exchanges and even may have some kind of a poll for the community to vote for which exchange we should go next.

ARCHIE: Really sounds like an idea. Maybe we should work on this one.

FILIP: Yeah.

ARCHIE: Ok. The next question. Page number 2. ‘Hi, team’, let’s change it for ‘Hi, Filip’.

FILIP: Hi there!

ARCHIE: How do you plan to promote MGO project in the near future to make it appealing to new investors, and how do you plan to make it valuable? I think here it’s meant ‘what will it be used for?’

FILIP: Yeah, ok, sure. No problem. Our new products are really about to go live. They are being tested at the moment. We are as I mentioned in one of the previous answers, we are planning the marketing campaign. Depending on some of the definitions it could be called large, it could be called medium size, it could be called small depending on what you want, what your numbers are. So yeah definitely we are going to do a lot of marketing efforts. You know cross campaigns with other projects with other groups on Facebook, on Twitter, on Bitcoin Talk, on various social media to make the visibility of MGO much larger than it used to be. So yeah , the answer to this question is: we plan to go hard on social networks, we plan to go hard on advertising, we plan to go hard on newsletters and on transparency communication with you guys in the community, something that we wish to change, of course, since    we have been really quiet in the past couple of months.

ARCHIE: OK. I can agree with that. What is causing delays in the products?

FILIP: So many things. I am just kidding. Since many of our products are unique and have no let’s say simple analogs on the market. But still, there is something we need to learn about those analogs as well you know. Somebody can say: oh but this esports platform already exists. yeah, but how many esports platforms that actually work with crypto do you know? Not gambling, not betting. Just esports platform to be honest. Of course, if you guys know something, please, share it with us on our community channels. We like to encourage a discussion you know, we like to see what you guys think, what you guys know. But from our point of view, there is not much or at all esports platforms that work with crypto successfully with profit and with a lot of organic users. It’s just an example of course. We just want to make sure that what we release and what we give to you guys is the best and the highest quality and that unfortunately takes time. When you look at it, for example, remember how long is this new game, you know Cyberpunk 2077 is being developed. It has been like seven or eight years since the first trailer. But they have a full-fledged team and a full-fledged development and it took some time, and when it goes out it will be really hype-like.  That is what we intend to do as well. Of course not as a CD project because they are really a big company. If compare to them we are still very small. We want to have the best quality products that we developed. Sometimes it is people who cause delays. Sometimes these are technicalities. Sometimes it bugs, you know, when the testing. Sometimes it is the environment. But I can tell you for sure that we will try to get it together because we have had some changes in the team. We will try to organize ourselves better in the future. So that you guys do not see as many delays as before.

ARCHIE: OK. I hope everyone has got this point.

FILIP:  Yeah. I hope.

ARCHIE:  So they will stop pushing us on this thing. Ok. How many people work in the office today?

FILIP:  Let me just try to do a quick headcount. For MGO only there are about 30 to 50 people doing the work. But if you count all in all both full-time and part-time so I would say around 50 in total. That is my view.

ARCHIE: The next question. Why does the team, ok, this is a new one, why does the team never reply to the questions on MGO holders?

FILIP:  Never say never, I say. I mean but let’s not joke about it. This is a serious question. So we are really doing our best to answer all the questions we see but sometimes not even we know the answers to those questions. Because in MGO there is not a single point or a single thing that is being decided by one person. So there is no dictatorship at all. We discuss everything and see what is the best course of action. Sometimes these discussions take a lot of time and this is why these questions remain unanswered. But at on point in the future, I can assure you that all of the questions that you guys posted will be answered. I cannot guarantee that you all will be happy — it is impossible to make everybody happy. Really impossible. But we will do our best to make MGO as successful as possible and to answer every single inquiry that, you guys, have.

ARCHIE: And as a community manager I would like to add something too. Yes, I can say we stress when someone says never it just hits me in the eye. And ‘why does the team never reply?’ We reply pretty often. Some questions might be out of our focus or we may be waiting for an answer for too long, or like ‘when moon’ is not a question. Ok. So the next question for you, Filip. What products can we expect and what is the time schedule for them?

FILIP: I think I have answered this question previously but let’s just repeat it one more time. Definitely MGO store in June. I believe crowdfunding platform for game developers will be released by the end of June as well. And I also think that we can expect the esports platform in the next couple of months. Definitely two products in June. And eSports in coming months. More exactly in July and August. Just stay tuned.

ARCHIE: The next question is. Haha, I like it. Is Sergey still involved? Seems he took the money and left the investors.

FILIP: I guess by Sergey they would mean Sergey Sholom. Yes, Sergey is still involved and he is the public face and public person of the company. As I mentioned beforehand, we are looking for more deals all the time. So Sergey is attending conferences. Sergey is trying to make deals with many people across the world you know traveling all the time. He is being very transparent. He has personal social media accounts. You can check it out his Linkedin or something like that, I am not sure. You can see basically where he is going and in what he is doing. You know he is getting several big-time interviews and big-time conferences. So if you took the money and went away, I think that you would hide or something. But from this point of view, I believe that both he and Maxim and everybody who was there during the ICO and are still in MGO project are definitely here to make it successful and not just to take the money and leave. But of course, that is just my opinion. You guys can think whatever you like. The facts are there you know. You can see what they are doing.

ARCHIE: And just so you know, me and Filip are being paid. I think the part with taking the money and hiding with it is dubious. How much is left of the marketing funds? ‘26.5 mln would be spent on it.’ Yet it seems only 5% of that is spent on marketing. How accurate the person is in counting the marketing budgets. So okay how much is left of the marketing funds?

FILIP: To be quite honest you know I’m not in charge of funds and budgets and so on. So I cannot answer this question and any data concerning financial or other information regarding internal company information. I mean I have a contract. Even if I knew this kind of information I would not be able to share it, to be honest. So this could potentially compromise company security. I would not like to be the one to blame if investors’ money is being spent or stolen or something like that. So that’s just my opinion and unfortunately, I can’t answer this question.

ARCHIE: Yes, I totally agree on that because it might be really… well, we already get burned on this one let’s just leave it like that. Okay,  next question is whether 10% of the profits would be used to burn MGO.

FILIP: Yeah, I believe it was I think even mentioned in the white paper as well but at this moment MGO is receiving zero profit from its products you know. We have several open source products. We have a swap which is not a profit based product. There will be the store and once we enter the green zone we will start to burn MGO. So right now since there is no profit there is no burn.

ARCHIE: Okay, I think questions at some point are starting to repeat themselves because I believe we’ve had a question about a coin burn. And the next question is ‘when you release something?’ but I think we have already answered that when you answered the question about products in the schedule.

FILIP: Stay tuned, June and July are the months that you’re going to watch as we are going to release two to four products in this time period for sure.

ARCHIE: Okay! Especially for the guy who asked the same question. Okay, the next question is what do you think about competitors? Do you have them and how good are they?

FILIP: This is a really tricky question that we have spent a lot of time on research. So there are a lot of tokens you know, coins and crypto that are connected to gaming but their utilization, their functionalities are really a far cry from what we do and what we intend to do. So regarding any direct competitors, I would say no. There are some people who are connected to gaming but are more successful than us, for example, Enjin Coin. But you know I wouldn’t actually call them our direct competitor. So yeah my opinion is that MGO is quite unique in its let’s say endeavors and in the gaming world.

ARCHIE: Okay, so no competitors at this point. Sounds good to me. Okay, and the next question: What do you think about MGO future?

FILIP: Well you know if I had a crystal ball I would really like to be able to tell the future but to be quite honest: I believe in it. And I think that MGO has a great shot to make a real change or some real products that are going to be utilized in the gaming and in the esports world. So I think we’re on the right path. I think we’re even though there’s not much transparency there’s definitely been work done in the past couple of months. So I believe we’re going to get somewhere.

ARCHIE: The next question: Should we expect your report for the community and if yes, when?

FILIP: Yes. Definitely, there will be two quarterly reports released by the end of June and in July. As for the actual date we’re working on it right now. And we have also planned to keep you up to date with let’s say weekly and monthly reports for beginning and of course newsletters and more interviews with our team members so you guys can see what real people and real work is being done on this crypto project.  So yeah there will be a lot of reports coming soon.

ARCHIE: Yeah we’ll publish them approximately in July, I think. Something like that. How long have you been working for MGO?

FILIP: Hmm yeah sure for MGO exclusively I’ve been working since let’s say August 2018. So almost a year. Started as a product owner for sale for the swap product and several others. Do open source for most likely and right now I’m trying to lead development efforts in the MGO department. So let’s say the short answer for this question will be approximately a year

ARCHIE: More than 300 days


ARCHIE: Are you satisfied with the things that the company is doing?

FILIP: If I said that I were completely satisfied I would be lying. Some of the timelines and some of the projects that we wanted to do, to release sooner cannot be released, but it’s not the fault of let’s say… It’s only our internal fault. But it’s not your guy’s fault it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just we’ve had some miscommunication, we had some changes in the scope. So yeah right now we spent a lot of time on reorganizing things so right now I am half satisfied with how things are going, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement as you can see. So I think that we are going in the right direction. I am not very satisfied, but I am half-satisfied and I think that it would be better in the future.

ARCHIE: Cool. Okay, moving on. This one I like too. When MGO price will go up?

FILIP: That as I understood is one of the most common questions in the chat. As you can see there’s a lot of pressure with fluctuations with many coins many tokens I hope that the price will go up once we release new products but of course, don’t take this a financial advice. I’m not qualified to give you such advice and I cannot speculate about the current market fluctuations so I can only hope and do my best for our project and that and I think,my personal opinion is  that MGO will start its second or third ‘Renaissance’ is what I call it when our new products are being released.

ARCHIE: Yeah but it’s only our opinion because the market is unpredictable. We can release the best products on the Earth and no one will buy(tokens), or we can just sit on our chairs and someone will say ‘Jesus, I love this MGO’ and the price will go up. So we have no control of it but we were doing our best.

FILIP: And hope for the best.

ARCHIE: And hope for the best. Why we have so low MGO…’ ‘ WE’.  Someone is feeling like a part of our family,  that’s so sweet. Why we have low MGO trading volumes on the exchanges?

FILIP: Yeah I feel that’s been let’s say a consequence of our development and reorganization for the discussed period because we’ve been quiet for a while. And trading volume is created by traders not the actual users, so they basically look for project transparency,  we haven’t demonstrated it, unfortunately. But I repeat once more that’s not one guy’s fault, that’s the fault of all of us that we took so much time to discuss and develop internally without much of the open discussion. But I believe it in the next couple of let’s say months we will return to the old paths of glory, where we’ve seen some trading pics with MGO. I believe traders will pay more attention to us as soon as we release some stuff then we start another marketing campaign. It’s just my assumption, of course, it may not be true at all. To be quite honest, I am not a big trader, I follow the news,  follow many coins and many tokens. I try to pick up what’s best, analyze our own ideas and to develop success stories. But this market is so volatile that you cannot know for sure anything anymore, so my opinion is that right now MGO volume is low due to the long silence because we took our time to develop something and some parts that are not so much user-oriented, but for our own internal use such as console projects we have some other projects that we have not released and may not release yet because it’s only for internal use, to be honest, and I believe that this will change in the near future once we start releasing new products.

ARCHIE:  Yeah I would like to add from my side as well. I have a friend who is a trader and he once told me that some traders, that most of the crypto traders don’t really get into the information about the coin, they won’t read the white papers they don’t do extensive research and go for compares and so on.  They just see ‘okay these guys released something today so maybe the price will go up so maybe I should buy’ so traders are mostly acting on the surface. They don’t really go deep they’re acting on graphics, on the pictures and what is on the surface right now so they don’t look into the perspective very often.  I think this is why this development period like you mentioned, Filip might be a reason the trading volume has got a little bit down. Because nothing is on the surface. A big job is being done under the surface so they don’t see what we’re doing.

Okay, over to the next question. Oh, be careful with this one. Are you holding MGO tokens yourself?

 FILIP: I see. This is a question that feels like a trap. So if I say ‘no’, then you guys will not believe me so I would say that ‘maybe’ I hold some tokens and you draw your conclusions. I’ll just say that I believe in this project, that’s all.

ARCHIE: Thank you it was a good answer. Okay moving to the next one. What do you want to tell people who bought MGO tokens? 

FILIP: Who bought in general? During the ICO? I think this question is a bit you know let’s say…

ARCHIE: I think not only ICO, I think it’s just traders who are holding tokens.

FILIP: Okay, so I’ll try to keep my answers general as well. Thank you for buying MGO tokens and thank you for believing in the product, for believing in the team. We will do everything we can so that you don’t regret your decision,  you don’t experience any losses and that you can, for example, get your profits from this project, if your intention is to sell and to gain profit. If the intention to see real products we will try to make this happen as soon as possible.

ARCHIE: Next question is: Why have we never had a real-time interview with you or other team members of Mobile GO?

FILIP: Oh, well, I think there were several interviews with Sergey, you know, on YouTube. Not even sure to be honest. It was before I joined the company.  But the requests for interviews only came recently and there has been all the rage with other two parties only recently not so long let’s say so, to be honest, we just didn’t see this as a potential medium because we had a lot of newsletters, we had a lot of discussions with our community managers on our channels. But since the community and you guys started to ask for more we just decided to make an interview with me right now.

ARCHIE: Yes we have had a text interview with Vlad as well but it was pretty short and that’s why nobody liked it. 

FILIP: Yeah, I can see why people didn’t like it, but I would like to try to look at the positive side of things. The way I see it: even though maybe some of the questions were not answered, it shows our effort in starting communicating with you guys. It’s just the beginning. What else can I say? This is why we’re having this simple interview as well. Maybe some people, maybe a lot of people won’t like the answers that I give, but we’ll try to listen to your feedback and draw conclusions, I really hope that this interview will be more successful than Vlad’s one. So the next one probably not with me but with somebody else, with Ivana, with Vlad again, you, Archie or somebody else who can answer new questions, maybe it’ll be better than this interview. To be honest,  that’s the way I see it let’s just try to improve over time, that’s all.

ARCHIE: Yeah, I think this interview is okay regarding the length. It’s much bigger than Vlad’s one. Okay, the next question is… oh, I love this one. When MGO will cost again 80 dollar cents? 

FILIP: Again, if I had a crystal ball I wouldn’t be here right now, would be sitting somewhere in the Bahamas, on Hawaii and you know just sipping cocktails. But I really give you my best trying to make money for you guys, to make some utilities that everyone on this planet can use. So that anyone who has some computer knowledge, can use it, can play games, buy games and compete amongst each other. And I hope that this price will be reached again. Actually, I hope it will be there at some point. But I can’t tell you when. Because I don’t know for sure, because it’s a speculative market. It could be tomorrow, it could be when we release the store, it could be when we release esports platform, it could be even more than $80, it could be so many things so I can’t speculate about that but I hope it will happen very soon.

ARCHIE: Technically it happens right when demand exceeds supply. Basic economy. Please tell me, Filip, will you deliver on the obligations you mentioned in the white paper?

FILIP:  Yes, that’re one of our main goals that’s what happened during these past couple of months of silence. I’ve mentioned several times in the past and that our goal is to make a stable ecosystem for a media where people can buy, sell, utilize MGO for gaming in the gaming world and to gain dollars as well. But one of our biggest accomplishments is that we will be tempted to do is to completely fulfill all the promises from the white paper. That is why  some delays happened because some products have been let’s say not sacrifice but pushed back. It to be focusing on the fulfillment of white paper and once we hear about that then we will come we will just try to complete utility of MGO. So yeah the short answer would be: we will definitely fulfill all the promises from the white paper.

ARCHIE: Okay thank you! What are your plans for MGO? I think we have answered this…

FILIP: Somebody in the previous question asked ‘when?’. In my opinion, by the end of the year, all of the obligations from the white paper will be fulfilled. But again, that’s just my opinion, of course. This is not a definite fact but by the end of the year, I think all of the obligations in the white paper will be fulfilled.

ARCHIE: Okay, the next question is: Why you give this interview?

FILIP:  To be honest, it was asked for a lot and I’m happy to, I mean, not just happy I feel it’s my responsibility to communicate with the team, to tell what’s going on. You know, somebody will take this interview as a positive thing, somebody will take it is a negative thing but I’m just trying to show that I am really not afraid to talk to you guys. I am looking at the community channels all the time. Not directly communicating in the chats. Because unfortunately, I don’t have time to do it all the time,  some questions happen to wait for hours before I see them. But definitely, the reason that I want to give this interview is to show more transparency in the MGO project and to show you guys that we are actually working that we haven’t given up on this project and we don’t intend to give up at all.

 ARCHIE: Okay, the next question will be: When people will be able to use MGO in your products? We have already answered this one.

FILIP: As soon as they are released.

ARCHIE: So how many products you released and will release focus on MGO? I think we have already talked about future plans a lot so maybe we should just run through the products that we have already launched this year.

 FILIP: Of course! So this year we have launched three open-source projects: that’s MGO API for implementation, that’s for people who want to use MGO payments within the applications in their ecosystems. We have developed the integration with MetaMask, it’s some kind of a gateway, we’re not actually integrating with MetaMask but people who use MetaMask to hold their MGO can utilize our gateway to see only MGO and utilize it for payment in our future products. And also we have released the open-source smart contract so people who want to have MGO-based not betting, but let’s say wagering within their ecosystems. Of course, if they have the proper licenses for that because we don’t do it ourselves since we don’t have the license for gambling and we don’t intend to become gamblers yet. I’m just kidding. I hope at the end of the year we’ll have at least seven products released.

ARCHIE: Okay, thank you. What is MGO token, please explain what is the purpose of it and who can use it how and why? I believe this is like a question that has been answered by commenting on other questions about the future plans and stuff so people will be able to use the MGO products and we have already talked pretty much about them.

FILIP: I mean just to keep it short, I’ll try to keep everybody’s answers fulfilled so I’ll just say that MGO token is a gaming token that intends to revolutionize gaming, it can be applied to esports, can be integrated into many games, it has its own ecosystem. You can always take a look at our website to see detailed information about the MGO token. It’s Ethereum based. It used to be on a Waves platform as well, but it is no longer supported. You can swap wave tokens (wMGO) for Ethereum tokens (eMGO). Let’s just say a gaming and esports token that can be integrated into any products supporting the general idea of  MGO. That’s it.

ARCHIE: What is the purpose of MGO swap platform, why have you spent time developing this product?

FILIP: This was also one of the obligations of the white paper. Let’s talk from a historical perspective. When MGO was created it was released on two platforms which were at the time the most popular: Waves and Ethereum platform. So the plan was all along for MGO to be developed on a single platform, and time has shown that the Etherium is much more popular than the Waves so in order to have everybody supported we created this swap platform for people, for token holders to swap Waves tokens for Ethereum tokens. So basically the swap just helped to make sure there were no inconsistencies between MGO tokens anymore. What  I can say with absolute certainty is that products only for Etherium MGO will be developed in the future.

ARCHIE: Thank you for your answer. Okay, so I heard that MGO will be on Binance is that true, when?

FILIP: Well, again, to be quite honest, there is a chance that it might happen. Not sure when. I don’t think it’s going to happen in the near future. When it comes to listing, you know, you can never be sure there’s a lot of things going on in the process.  For example, in 2017 Bittrex has added MGO wallets and almost started trades, but at the last minute it was canceled and trades never started. To be honest, I wasn’t there at that time, I don’t know why. That is why we can’t promise you anything, but you can be sure that we are definitely working on listing on as many exchanges as possible. Though it is not mine or our highest priority at the moment. We just want to release products, that is our highest priority right now. But definitely we are working on it, so you can be sure that we will definitely be listed on new exchanges.

ARCHIE: Okay, and there is one question left and if you don’t mind I’ll answer this question

FILIP: No problem

ARCHIE: the question is ‘when moon?’ The favorite question of every crypto investor. Who doesn’t know what ‘when moon?’ means ‘when moon?’ means when your token price hits up and makes a super profit for you. I’ll take it like that: we guys don’t have any, like zero influence on the price or on the volume. We do what we do and traders do what they do. So if we are lucky people will see and believe in the project as much as we do. I believe we have all the chances that we will go to the moon! But there are no guarantees. As we are connected to the price absolutely indirectly, it lives its own life. The price of MGO lives its own life. So we’ll do our best and we’ll see what happens. Okay, this would be the last question! We did it! How much time has it taken us? Like almost an hour? Yes! almost an hour. Now tell us we have short interviews, Jesus.

FILIP: Yeah, no problem! Guys I mean if you want to hear more questions answered there will be more interviews with myself and with other people as well. So feel free to post them we’ll collect them all and, of course, if I missed some I’m sorry. It would be definitely included in the next interviews. Be sure that we are working on stuff, we will definitely release some things and I think a lot of you will actually like them. We will do our best to increase the price of MGO and hit as Archie said the moon. So just bear in mind that it’s a development process and it may take some time.

ARCHIE: Ladies, and gentlemen, everyone Filip Dimitrijevic for you here! And Archie J! And nobody’s gonna no clap because we’re all alone. Okay, thank you, guys! Hope to see soon, I hope you like what we did here and if you have any questions please feel free to ask them, Filip and I am always happy to answer your questions and comment your proposals.  And don’t be shy to send them to our email, because we sometimes might miss it in the chat. Email is a more solid way to let us know your thoughts. Thank you guys once again and see you soon.

 FILIP:  Thanks Archie, thank you guys and see you soon.

ARCHIE: Thank you, Filip!