GDA Ventures Announces First Client, MobileGo (MGO)


GDA Ventures are pleased to announce the first client that will be joining this incubator: MobileGo (MGO)!

GDA Ventures Announces First Client, MobileGo (MGO)

We, the MobileGo leadership team commented on our engagement with GDA Ventures by saying: “This is a huge step forward that will continue to bring innovation and originality to the blockchain gaming ecosystem; benefiting developers, gamers and everyone in between. We are very excited to work with GDA Ventures as their experience with venture incubation and development will help take MGO to the original heights set out in 2016, becoming an industry pioneer that bridges the gap between gaming and blockchain.

GDA Ventures sees the potential digital assets have to revolutionize the gaming industry and recognizes the valuable market positioning and first mover advantage of MGO, as well as the valuable existing community and technology that has been created. In addition to gaming, GDA Ventures sees a significant opportunity for MobileGo to also penetrate the esports and metaverse gaming markets, both of which are underserved by existing digital assets at market.

More information about our partnership with GDA Ventures you can find – here.