MobileGO 2017 – 2020 Achieved Results

MobileGO project has been launched almost four years ago. We have entered this New Year with all our promises fulfilled and even more, so we came up with a summary of what has been achieved by MGO team by year 2020.

MobileGO has originally been developed as a project for gamers by gamers. Our project’s ultimate has always been to improve experience for everyone who is somehow connected with gaming industry. We mean not only gamers, but game developers, gamers, esports players, streamers, their fans, etc. We have designed our unique way in order to achieve our goal by combining advantages of both giant worlds – Gaming and Blockchain. To make it happen MGO has hired specialists from both of these spheres. Due to this MobileGO team has successfully implimented plenty of projects, even more that has been promised. Here is a short-list of what have been achieved within this short period of time:

Development and launch of MobileGO Store

MGO team has developed a platform where everyone can purchase games with MGO tokens. More the 15 000 games for the top-platforms: PC, Mac, Playstaion 4, Xbox One. Big variety of games from the classic old-school games  to the brand-new ones such as NBA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, etc. MobileGO Store respects privacy and collects no personal informations about its clients. The only required info is an email address, so store can send the game key to the buyer. MGO team has also been running games giveaways on a regular basis. MobileGO Store is active now and new games are being added daily. Moreover, MGO Store provides MGO with unique usabilty which we believe is a key feature for a token.

MGO MetaMask Gateway

Together with world-renowned company MetaMask we have developed a product implementing MobileGO into MetaMask system. Instead of users utilizing many different wallets, the MGO Paystation has provided a way to make ‘instantly-fast’ MobileGO payments. Also it has resolved a ‘GAS issue’. GAS is an instrument required to complete transaction of ETH tokens, removing this issue significantly increases usability and attractivness to users of any ETH token. Thus, by combining world-trusted technology MetaMask and MGO we have achieved not only enhance of project reputation. We have also made MGO purchases extremely fast and solved on of the biggest issues that every ETH token faces- GAS fees, which brings MGO token usability to a new level and significantly improves its competitiveness among other ETH tokens.

MobileGO API Payouts

MGO team has developed its own API to provide game developers and game distributors with a possibility to implement MGO payment system in their websites f.e. such as online stores. As we mentioned above all Ethereum token transactions require GAS fee, and MGO is not an exclusion.  Basically, in order to make a transaction of an ETH token, token holders have to purchase GAS and connect it with their token wallet.  But with MGO API it is not an issue any more. GAS fee is being transformed into ‘MGO fee’ which provides both parties with variety of opportunites. MGO fee can be rather paid by a vendor, or by a customer, or even more so it can be divided between both parties in selected proportions. Basically, MGO API makes payments with MGO token more convenient and attractive reducing all weaknesses that ETH tokens face nowadays.

MGO Swap Platform

Those who follow us from the beginning will know, that MGO basically has been based on two different smart contracts. Ethereum and Waves. 70 000 000 million of tokens have been Ethereum-based MGO tokens(eMGO) and 30 000 000 tokens have been WAVE-based (wMGO). Back in time these two teams have been assumed as’ smart contract’ giants and the tokens back in time have mostly been created on ETH and WAVE basis. But as the time went, Ethereum has been growing stronger and stronger while at on the other hand WAVE platform has started to lose its positions into blockchain world rapidly. Exchanges wouldn’t list wMGO tokens, and would only agree to add eMGOs. Plenty of partners have agreed to work only with eMGOs and refused to deal with wMGOs. Perspective of wMGO has been very poor. wMGO token holders have been frustrated and unhappy about how thing with WAVEs were going. So MobileGO team has come up with a move. It has created the Swap Platform where all wMGO holders can swap their tokens for eMGO for free. Even though, it has never been a part of MGO team obligations. MobileGO team did not want to let its token holders down and has assumed all costs not to let anyone in MGO ecosystem be left behind.

MGO Tournament API

MobileGO team has developed and released a smart contract for decentralised competitions. This technology allows players and tournament holders to implement tournament mode with prizes right into their games. The main feature of the platform is a smart contract implemented with the possibility to wager upon the personal matches of popular games. This contract works on a blockchain to provide users with maximum transparency in determining winners and rewards. With this any gamer or gamdev can use this API to run a PvP tournament with prizes in MGO. This API produced exclusively by MGO team is free to use and can be found on GitHub among our other projects.

MGO Landing Page

The whole website has been remastered and made more convenient. It has also been translated translated into 5 languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Korean. It contains comprehensive information about MGO products and features. Renewed design improves users experience and makes surfing the website as smooth and comfortable as only possible. On the main page you can find the latest news and links to social open media accounts where everyone can ask any question to the MobileGO team. User-friendly navigation system on the website allows to find users any required information just in a few moments.

Exchange Listings

The team has make big efforts to get MGO token listed on the top world exchanges. Being listed on trusted exchanges is vital for any token, since  not only it makes it more accessible for a big amount of people, which leads to a growth of number of token users. But also big exchanges guarantee deal safety. In addition of dozen other exchanges MGO has been listed on Bitfinex and HuoBi – these two are the world’s one of the most biggest and trusted exchanges that officially affiliated by licensed banks. Such exchanges with big client base supported by banks raise MGO project creditability, amount of users and guarantees safety for those who wants trade MGO.

To sum it up, we would like to stress out that MGO token has not only achieved all the key points that every ETH token is trying to achieve, but as well has fulfilled all its promises and have done even more. Developed products are successfully dealing with all the technical challenges that ETH tokens face and provide MGO token with unique usability in a various ways. Moreover we have taken big steps in order to provide MGO with mass adoption. Top exchanges make buying MGO tokens safe and easy.  Another big achievement of MobileGO team is that MGO tokens can not only be used exclusively in MobileGO products but also can be implemented into numerous gaming and non-gaming projects to provide users, vendors, gamdevs, etc with unique opportunities.  MGO has created more than it has promised and we have no intention to stop.