New Store — New Giveaway!

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Only today we celebrate with the new giveaway in telegram!
To win some great games join our chat now!

MobileGo store is released!

The store already has more than 17000 games, and we add new ones on a daily basis. Recently the full collection of Bioshock has been released in our store and we want to giveaway FIVE copies of such a great franchise.

This time to participate we would like you to do a few very simple steps:

1. Join our telegram chat
2. Press the button «Participate» under the pinned post
3. Send any message to the chat
You’re set!

But there’s more! Invite your friends to participate in the event and get 1 free random CD-key from the store for invited friend! When they join the chat they should send a message with your nickname to the chat — and we will send you the random CD-key afterwards.

We wish you luck! The giveaway is going to be rolled on this Sunday, September 1st. Right now we are waiting for you in chat — so come and win!